How We Work

Our day-to-day operations are supported by our multi-disciplinary European Operations team. This dedicated team ensures that our services and operations are lean and that the client requirements are compliant.

Some of the team responsibilities are:

  • Driving operations excellence: Continuously challenging ourselves to get better, smarter and more efficient in what we do.
  • Leverage best-in-class demonstrations: Utilize our internal network of knowledgeable people and experience to implement best practices across our site & services.
  • Centralized purchasing & evaluation of suppliers: Keep cost low & quality high by centralizing our purchasing & supplier selection.
  • Implementation Support: Lead and support implementations, ensuring smooth transitions and implementations, whether it is an enhancement to an existing operation or the stock move and the implementation of a new account.

Customer Service & Back Office Support:

Many of the MTL clients are expanding their business into Europe. This is where we deliver peace of mind to our clients. With many years of experience in supporting medical start-up companies we take care of your customer service, your invoicing process as well as your fiscal setup.
Peace of mind indicates setting up a business, starting with fiscal representation followed by a multi-lingual customer service and back office infrastructure that takes care of order taking in local languages, pick, pack & delivery of products, sending out invoices and collecting the amounts outstanding.

Our customer service and back office team provide a range of services that reassure our clients and their customers. At MTL we create invoices on behalf of our clients and send them to their customers fully branded as your own company. The service may include active cash collection, a follow up on late payments through an active reminder process and daily reporting on the payment process.